Playing Cards Analyzer – Used in the game of poker

Playing Cards Analyzer

There are some reliable poker analyzer, which are used for cheating many types of the poker games. You can receive deck of the marked cards with an analyzer. Deck of playing cards have got special markings at the side of cards for an analyzer to read. And these are designed especially for Playing Cards that have the special marks on back and are used to win all kind of the playing card games such as Mag Patta, Teen Patti, and many more.

New playing cards analyzer is the brand new cheating tool that is used to win each playing card game. This is all-in-one analyzer. This has features of the soothsayer and poker predictor. Thos device attaches the analyzer & poker cards lenses in the respective cell phone

poker analyzer

How to use this device:

  • Turn on the power & set the game rules.
  • Place this device on a table, in a way it sees marks from back of playing cheating cards.
  • After seeing marks this device may report to player immediately, before a card is served with the player. This device is used for all gambling games. And after using this tool, you definitely will win this game without any hinting others of you using any cheating tool. This device also can be used as the mobile phone. An analyzer will send and receive text messages. This is connected through Bluetooth and WI-FI. User will use this device for downloading games and hear music or videos.