Singapore Photobooth: A Beginner’s Guide

The Camera Equipment

A simple digital point-and-shoot camera is ideal for a do-it-yourself¬†singapore photobooth. You’ll also need a tripod tall enough to extend to eye level and a camera with a remote shutter release (available online or at camera shops.) With a remote shutter release, guests can take their photos, allowing you to enjoy the party rather than being a photographer all night. Some are connected to the camera via a cable, while others operate wirelessly.

The Lightings

Good lighting is essential for a truly professional photo booth. A photography umbrella and spotlight (available online or at photo supply stores) diffuse the light and adds an appealing glow to your friends’ faces. If you don’t want to use lighting, turn on your camera’s flash or place a floor lamp beside the camera going to face the backdrop.

The Backdrop

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your creative abilities. The most common type of backdrop is a printed fabric backdrop, but why limit yourself to store-bought options? Create one that brings the photos to life.

Using black foam board, a glue stick, and jumbo gold sequins, make a chevron-inspired backdrop. Using a ruler, draw the chevron stripes, then fill in the rows with sequins. Dip the tips of coffee filters into multi-colored fabric dyes for a more colorful backdrop, then adhere to a foam board for a floral effect. Hang a piece of Kraft paper and decorate it with gold stripes or floral patterns for a singapore photobooth.