What is Total WSH?

As a team with the Workplace Safety and Health Council, ProAge Pte Ltd (Appointed Health Coaching Service Provider), and I-Wellness Services Pte Ltd, QUALITY SAFE CONSULTANTS PTE LTD is a designated specialist co-op for the Total Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) program (Appointed Health Screening Service Provider). We desire to help your organization create business strength, the ability to secure the board, and efficiency development. Look further into Total WSH by reading here.

What is Total Workplace Health and Safety?

Complete Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) is an extensive and incorporated way to deal with overseeing work, wellbeing, and wellbeing cooperations. It plans to further develop the prosperity of representatives and businesses in the working environment by tending to somewhere safe and well-being gambles comprehensively and extensively.

Why is Total WSH utilized?

The workplace, specialist well-being, and laborer wellbeing are interlaced. Further developing working environment security and well-being decreases injury and sickness, bringing about better laborer prosperity and a more helpful labor force. Simultaneously, working environment injury and ailment lessen efficiency and personal satisfaction. By sticking to Total WSH necessities, one can appreciate expanded efficiency and smoother working environment activities.

Use these assets to decide your organization’s Total WSH status

Survey for WSH (WSHQ)- A device for evaluating the holes in working environment security and wellbeing in an organization’s Basic Health Survey (BHS)

A device for surveying individual specialists’ wellbeing and way of life propensities comparable to their effect on security and efficiency.