Synergize With Feng Shui, Singapore

feng shui singapore


Feng Shui is a set of Chinese principles that draws meaning from the organization and arrangement of space concerning the chi, that is, energy. The practice has gained popularity in recent times with the help of globalization and its relevance to upholding a certain healthy lifestyle. Similarly, one can therefore apply these principles with the service of feng shui singapore.

What are some of the techniques for attaining Feng Shui?

  • Decluttering – The primary step of ensuring synergy within a home is to remove unnecessary items by acknowledging their purpose and the joy they contributed.
  • Colors – The practice recommends a set of systems one can follow based on the five elements. These are wood, fire, water, metal, and earth, each represented by a different color. A healthy blend of these elements improves the harmony of the home.
  • Plants – An easy way of applying Feng Shui is by bringing nature into one’s house, either with plants or flowers, which is preferable.
  • Location of heavy furnishings – When planning the layout of one’s home, one should keep in mind certain features like the bed not touching the walls except in the back, a clear path to the front door, and many more.
  • Other objects – Another important tenet is to consider hosting mirrors, fountains, or aquariums and fixing any broken household items.


Abiding by the Feng Shui principles not only helps in the appearance of your home, but also the overall environment, synergy, and warmth experienced by yourself and other guests. The process, therefore, places a vital role in one’s lifestyle, health, and attitude towards the world.