Things To Know About Ev Charging Hong Kong

ev charging installation

Ev means electrical vehicle charging, nowadays with car revolutionizing and changing from gas run vehicles to electric vehicles has created a way for more changes. This includes ev charging installation because electric vehicles need to charge before using it.


Ev charging has become an important part in every country and so has its installation for chargers, which is why Ev Charging Hong Kong is changing the face of cars/ vehicles in Hong Kong, CST is a company that provides all charging solution from installing the charger to maintaining it and fixing in troubleshoot.

ev charging installation

EV Charging Solution

These chargers are specially designed for public and private Ev charging installation for car parks of diverse layouts. The chargers not only are of the latest technologies but also provide full access and Ev charging payment options, including payment option such as Visa(payWave) and others.


CST is one stop for all EV charging problems and especially beneficial for a multi-story car park. The ev charging hong kong can be installed in houses/residential areas, property management offices, Auto traders- such as Tesla, BMW, Volvo etc, service providers like Smart Charge, Auto toll, Ev pay etc. Just like gas stations Ev charging services providers exist and require our Ev charger installed.


Designed for full convivence of the customer/user of the EV charger. both our prime model provides users with a wide variety of payment options and assures full service and maintenance, the Ev charger caters to all models and companies of electric cars.