Best Cheap and Clean Budget Hotels in Central Bangkok

hostels in bangkok

Bangkok provides budget travelers a wide range of cheap and clean hotels to choose. But which ones are clean. And if the hotel is far away from Bangkok’s major attractions, shopping and nightlife activities it is no good at all well since money needs to be spent on transport. Travelers searching for hotels in Bangkok went into some backpackers hang out Khan San road, where guesthouses and hostels thrive. 1 drawback about Khan San is it is far from Bangkok when you factor in the horrible street traffic of the city.

hostels in bangkok

Traveling on a budget to Bangkok is easy and straightforward when an option of affordable and cheap hotels spread around Bangkok is. But everybody knows that the words ‘cheap hotel’ equates to rooms and guest services that are unfriendly in people’s minds. Though budget travelers know where in Bangkok have some of the greatest comfortable hotels in town. Place you can find lodging is hostels in bangkok. Sukhumi is a tourist district with a great deal of business focused around the tourist market. It is also where two of the most notorious red light districts of the city known as Nana and Soy Cowboy are situated.

Among the best budget hotels in Sukhumi is a property situated on 13 Sukhumi roads Soy 15 known as Manhattan Hotel. Though it is not the hotel in Bangkok that the Manhattan Hotel offers guests the use of a swimming pool and a fitness room. The price for a standard room per night is approximately 1300 Baht during the season.

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