The poker cheating card reader for barcode marked cards

poker scanner system

The poker analyzer is a mobile phone as well as also named the poker cheating card reader. They connected cameras on the side of the phone, thus you can place your cell phone on a desktop scan cheating poker cards. And persons can’t see the camera on the side of the phone.

Beforehand delving into the internal workings of the device, here is a small demo of it in action to display you how fast and precise it is at remotely reading cards. There was no sleight of hand involved. As well as the further cheating device is poker camera

How do persons use poker analyzer cheat in poker games?

poker scanner system

Poker analyzer is similar to a phone so as to you can usage poker analyzer effortlessly in playing cards game, for example, Omaha games, Texas game or AndarBahar, etc. While the phone scanner marking cards with invisible ink, it can tell you who will win the game otherwise how to win the game.

Benefits of poker analyzer

However, to my astonishment, the device far surpassed my anticipations by being a completely functional phone by extra hardware devoted to cheating. Moreover to my surprise, the device not only permits to cheat at Poker, however, to cheat at practically any kind of card games you could think of.

Using a revised phone as a cheating device offers the key benefit that it is incredible to tell that it is a cheating device except you know whatever to look for.