Hair Fall Remedies for Men – Done the Modern Way

There are a lot of weird remedies for hair fall out there – some may work, some may not work – but there is never an explanation on why it would work and why it won’t – so we are often left with trying hundreds of methods which sometimes work well to start with, but after time, they stop working.

Hair thickening

This post is dedicated to hair fall remedies for men, which work, and explains what you need to do to keep them working.

The first part is to understand why hair loss occurs in men – and this is very important – as this is never explained properly on websites wherever you search – hair loss is the action of hair falling and failing to grow again – and the reason for this is complex – which means, it is often many reasons happening at the exact same time – this is why, you have never seen a one pill cure for hair loss – as the reason for it are many, and it is a tricky situation to be in.

Here are some reasons, which every man, has some of, overlapping, causing their hair to thin:

  • Poor Diet
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Lack of Blood Circulation
  • Toxicity in the Liver and Kidneys

There are many problems we face as we grow older – but the key is to maintain by doing a lot of exercise – not just walking or weights or just yoga – everything you can do – this means cardio, weights, yoga, qigong, walking and more – constant activity is vital if you want any kind of youthful results for hair and skin – otherwise you should stop reading this article as the remedies for hair fall won’t work for you, if you don’t do this – you can try reading this article on the best hair thickening products rated by a medium post.

A remedy to fix hair loss or at least stop progression is to increase protein consumption which is sourced from beef – the reason beef, is because it is the most bioavailable protein that the human body can consume and it will be instantly used by the body – if you cannot eat beef due to your religion or beliefs, then I suggest trying other types of collagen, but you won’t get the same results if you don’t eat beef, according to our research.

Hormone imbalances are also fixed by increasing protein consumption and stopping all sugars, carbs and fats – yes, this is important to do for at least 3 months before going back on a healthier version of your old diet – so this is not a lifestyle diet, it is a correcting diet for hormones – by stopping eating sugars, you stop the pancreas from getting stressed on producing insulin, and this resting period allows the pancreas to regenerate, which actually fixes the problem of insulin imbalance as well as other hormone imbalance – protein is a major amino acid complex needed for the rebuilding of all organs.

Liver toxicity can be helped by consuming liver detox herb teas and by fasting for a few days – this means not eating for long periods of time – but please use a doctors guidance to make sure it is okay for you to fast for periods of time – it is not suitable for diabetics or hypoglycemic patients.