Ayurvedic Massage Oil – How Good Are They?

Ayurvedic Massage is an ancient health technique Which includes use of medicated oils to release toxins in the body and to attain a condition of physical and psychological wellbeing. Therapeutic massage opens up the skin pores and unclogs the body’s energy avenues to ease an undisrupted flow of subtle energies throughout the body. Along with this, Ayurvedic Massage activates the lymphatic system, enhances the fluid flow, strengthens and nourishes the entire body, and revitalizes the self-healing mechanisms of the entire body. These days, several massage treatments complement the contemporary medical practices to cure various health ailments, but Abhyanga Massage stays the ‘mother of all massages.

Abhyanga is an abhyangam full body massage performed with herbal oils. This highly effective massage treatment includes application of warm and treated oils on the whole body before bathing. The oils are prepared based on the person’s requirement to efficiently detoxify, nourish and rejuvenate the entire body. According to Ayurveda, a human body includes seven woolhats’ or the layers of cells within the body. Abhyanga Massage intends to achieve the deepest layer of skin cells by always massaging for about 15 minutes to release the harmful toxins and bacterial accumulation from the epidermis. Thus, this technique enhances the tissue strength, enhances blood circulation and rejuvenates the body and mind.

What Makes Abhyanga Massage Magical?

Since Abhyanga Massage is done with specific medicated oils, it eases the trans-dermal absorption of the oils to the body. These oils are deeply massaged into the skin by following a set of massage strokes such as rubbing, kneading, tapping, pressing, tapping, etc. These herbal oils, once consumed, help from the rejuvenation of the skin, the largest organ of the body, to carry out its functions. Here are the most frequently used therapeutic herbal remedies for Abhyanga Massage. For Vata Dosha: Sesame Oil is among the most frequent choices for vata dosha due to its inherent warmth and healing properties. Along with this, many physicians also recommend coconut oil, sunflower oil and sometimes Maharajan oil that is created from the mixture of 20 Ayurvedic herbs. For Kapha Dosha: Abhyanga Massage for Kapha Dosha includes using hot herbal oils such as olive oil, corn oil and coconut oil. These herbal oils impart their pacifying properties into the body and fix Kapha imbalance.