Basic and Easy Ways to Check Indian Railways PNR Status on Your Mobile

You could inspect Indian Railways PNR status on your mobile via basic and simple methods. In the Indian railway passenger booking system, waiting checklist tickets and booking under verification (RAC) tickets are very common and this can cause much confusion amongst travelers. They could be hurrying about in the eleventh hours to understand their PNR status. When the system was mainly hand-operated it was all the more bothersome for the passengers. But now with the advancement of modern technology and quantum leap in interaction facilities, the pertinent info could be gathered via mobile messaging and calls.

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The very first simple and easy way is to check your check pnr status is by utilizing the 3-digit SMS code. The 3 digit code is 139. This is a service arranged by the IRCTC and the negative aspect is that if you want to use the 3-digit code, you will have to pay costs SMS costs of your mobile service provider. Apart from the payment part, it is a very convenient setting. This is how you could send the message: Type your SMS text as PNR adhered to by your PNR number with no space and send it to the number 139. That is, you need to get in PNR and send it to the number code 139. You can also utilize the various other brief code of Indian Railways – 5676747. That is: PNRyour PNR number > to 5676747. A 2nd very easy method is to check PNR on your mobile by sending out SMS using the 10 number mobile number. This is a solution provided by Google and you could check your PNR status by sending your PNR number to 9773300000. This is better compared to the previous method because while you send your number by the code 139, your mobile provider will charge you at the premium price. At the exact same time in latter case, the solution does not have such a defect.

An additional simple and easy method to examine Indian Railways PNR status on your mobile is using your GPRS enabled phone. For that you need to enable your phone with a data strategy. Then you could browse through the phone to the Indian railway website and inspect your PNR status at the Inspect PNR choice. These are the SMS facilities readily available. There is an additional simple way by calling the Railways helpline. This method is claimed to be not like the various other ways as it is through the Railway helpline. In this technique, you need to call the Railway helpline number 139 and follow the actions as per the Interactive Voice Action system.